April 28, 2010

Date for name of the wind successor fixed?

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Usually i write in German here, but just having looked into my feed reader (which archives also RSS headlines after they are removed from the blog), I thought this might be of wider interest:
Patrick Rothfuss, author of „Name of the wind“ (Der Name des Windes) (which is by the way the best Fantasy book since Lord of the Rings, in my opinion)
had a blog entry titled „I said I’d tell you when I knew….“ with the teaser „Wherein there is news.“.
Unfortunately, the entry has already been deleted as of this morning. But could that have been a message on the second volume of „Name of the Wind“, which will probably be called „The Wise Man’s Fear“ according to Wikipedia (and some of his blog entrys I don’t find so fast)?

The answer can be found, as so often, in the google Cache:
The entry said March 1st 2011.

Let’s hope that day is finally fixed, I need some good reading!

*UPDATE:* now also officially:


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